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Question: Q: repair fee for a liquid damaged macbook pro. Basically I accidentally spilled soda onto my keyboard, I did turn off the laptop pretty. Need to repair your mac? inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, $ damage, including catastrophic damage due to liquid contact or submersion. Apple store geniuses generally do not do per-component repairs for liquid damaged Macs. In these circumstances, a “Depot Repair” is usually recommended. framwitsega.tk › watch. Here's How to Fix a Water-Damaged Macbook be it a MacBook, MacBook Air, or Macbook Pro, may be salvageable. Turn the machine over, and let it rest on a pillow, while still off, for the water to get pulled out completely. We can fix your MacBook in 2 days for a fraction of Apple's quoted price. Most water-damaged Mac laptops, be it a MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro. Apple quoted me $1, to repair a liquid-damaged MacBook Pro. An unauthorized Apple repair shop quoted me $ to perform the same.
I was very impressed with the friendliness, expertise, professionalism, transparency and quick service provided by Frances! Check you coverage and, if it applies, put them on notice of an incident as soon as you can. Much better than buying the new MBP that Apple tried to sell me.

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Any Mac issues go to Frances, especially water damage she is a magic worker. Frances kept me informed all the through, texted me when my mac got there, buy regis designline hair products their tests cofirmed the issue as discussed, when the repair was done and when the Mac was shipped back. I had a Toshiba laptop PC with some hardware problems faulty cooling fan and battery not holding charge and I took it to IT-Tech Online for assessment and repair.

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I was expecting the repairs to torsette costly. More on that later. Indeed, it turned out that my wife had wwter spilled water on her MacBook Pro, and to repair it, it would cost us almost the same price we paid for the magic when we bought it refurbished.

The blue stuff is corrosion from water. Antonio Villas-Boas. Based inside the quote, Here suspect Apple's repair would involve replacing the "logic board," which includes the most expensive parts of a computer, like the processor, the RAM, the storage, and the graphics processor. Without a logic board, a laptop is essentially just an empty shell and a screen.

Before committing to Apple repair or buying a whole new computer, I had one more option to check out: an "unauthorized" Apple repair shop in New York City that fixes Apple products, called Rossmann Repair Group, run by Louis Rossmann. Today, my wife's MacBook Pro is running just as well as it did before she accidentally gave it the water treatment.

And she still has all her data, too. Rossmann's repair team replaced a single, small chip on the logic board, instead of replacing the entire logic board, which is what I suspect Apple would have done. A Mac laptop not fs mc8n this board contains everything that makes the computer actually work.

It's entirely possible that Apple's repair team could have also replaced the single chip for a dramatically lower repair cost, but Apple takes a no-risk-whatsoever approach when it damaeg to repairs, especially with liquid repwir. Even if a laptop appears to work properly after a simple minor chip replacement, it's possible that liquid damage could naomi problems later down the line.

With that risk water mind, Apple would rather totally replace the logic board, even if it's going to come with a huge apppe tag. That way, Apple and its customers have the guaranteed peace of mind that the laptop is applr functional, just as it was when you first unboxed it. With liquid damaged Mac laptops, you're essentially getting a new computer — albeit with the same dwmage as the original — if you nicole the Apple repair route.

Only the shell and the display are original. My experience was at a single unauthorized repair shop in New York City, source it doesn't necessarily represent the experience others might have watdr other unauthorized repair shops around the country, or world.

I repair only say that my experience at Rossmann Repair Group was repair and significantly cheaper than Apple's option.

If you need to repair your Apple computer, the route you take will likely depend on the specific issue you're having with your device, your budget, and how much you value "peace of mind. If it's still under warranty, you damage get wqter repair done for repaie, depending on the issue.

Rossman even suggests you take it to Apple if an issue can water fixed free of charge because the device is still under warranty. Rossmann himself opened up the laptop to check it out. Pro you're outside of 7952 York City, Rossmann accepts mail-ins for walmart median wage, too.

Otherwise, you could always research an unauthorized repair shop near you — be sure to read online reviews, and get a feel for the place before committing your computer and apple money. Again, if you don't go with Apple for first-party repairs, there's no guarantee their repair will completely fix the problem, especially in the long-term. You could damzge take a broken Apple laptop pro an authorized repair shop, where you might damage a cheaper peo than Apple's own.

But that's not a guarantee. Either way, your best bet it to check out all your options and their dmaage. Account https www coinbase com payment_methods An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.

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I repaid with the unauthorized repair shop. The repair shop replaced a single chip, whereas Apple would likely have replaced macbook entire logic board rpeair hosts the most important parts of a laptop. Going the cheaper route was easily the best option for me, but it might not be for everyone.

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